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Plateau Colonies
Colonia Diaz
Colonia Juárez
Colonia Dublán
Mountain Colonies
Colonia Pacheco
Cave Valley
Colonia García
Colonia Chuichupa
Sonora Colonies
Colonia Morelos
Colonia Oaxaca
• Colonia San José &
• the tiny ones, too.

Key Events
• Establish
• Expulsion
Exodus and their
• Eventual Return


The Storyteller

Pamela Jo Bowman

Baby in Field

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Plateau Colonies

Colonia Diaz – Founded in 1885
On the Casas Grandes River, nearly 200 miles southwest of El Paso, Texas. By 1900, Diaz had grown to 623. During the Mexican revolution, Colonia Diaz was intentionally burned and destroyed.


Juarez Temple Day

Colonia Juárez
Founded in 1885, relocated January 1887

This land, purchased by The Mexican Colonization Committee, is 50 miles south of Colonia Diaz. This colony continues to exist today. It contains the Juarez Academy, a 7-thru-12 school owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Juarez was also chosen as the location for one of the first mini-temples of the church.

Colonia Dublán – Founded in 1889
The proximity to rich farm land, the reliability of the Casas Grandes River, and the eventual construction of the railroad contributed to the steady economic growth of Colonia Dublán. By 1900, the population of Colonia Dublán had grown to 763. The colony still exists and, currently, Dublán has a population of 200.